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Nu Man Cumin Facial Cocktail


*Best Selling Item* 


HOT ITEM!  Nu Man Cumin Facial Cocktail is for TOTAL HYDRATION AND PROTECTION!!!

This earthy moisture rich cocktail combines rich anti-oxidant and moisturizing ingredients for achieving very hydrated and radiant skin. This facial essential is an absolute MUST HAVE for every combination skin type. Made with the highest and best natural oil extracts, such as EAST INDIAN NEEM LEAF OIL, TEA TREE OIL & EGYPTIAN BLACK SEED OIL,  this facial cocktail is sure to leave your pores naturally intoxicated (minus the toxins)!

*GOAL – To achieve healthy balance of Oil  & Hydration all over the Epidermis!

Purify, renew and hydrate the facial pores with the highest & best all-natural facial moisturizer. pH balanced and formulated as a 2-n-1, doubling as a facial toner!

*FACT: The Nu Man Cumin Facial Cocktail is the perfect solution to Unbalanced natural sebum production in the combination skin type.

Skin types: ALL