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Let’s B Clear DELUXE kit



This SUPREME facial kit is a clear skin ESSENTIAL. Formulated to penetrate the pores and the melanocytes (cells that produce pigment) and regulate sebum production and excessive production of melanin (which causes discoloration) with premium natural botanical extracts. Enriched with turmeric, hibiscus, fruit enzymes, licorice and green tea to name a few. This collection is formulated to the perfect pH and viscosity to allow for deep penetration and rapid results.


*Promotes clear radiant skin

*Resolves Hyperpigmentation

*Fights bacteria that causes acne


*Cellular Hydration



Step1: Purification & Cleansing

Cleanse daily x2 min. for purification (preferably with Let’s Face It Cleansing Brush) Rinse and retreat to step 2.

Step2: Rejuvenation & Renewal

Apply 2n1 Mask weekly in a thin layer over face and neck and allow it to set (usually takes about 5-7 minutes)

Step3: Shake up serum(s) and use moderate amount (for the size of treated area), massage into broken out or discolored area, leave on and apply the Cocktail as instructed. Use 3-4 times a week until pigment is resolved.

Step4: Hydration & Protection

Shake the Facial Cocktail very well and apply specified amount. Massage into the pores and allow to absorb.

*No sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, artificial color, artificial fragrnace or animal by-products

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