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You might practice yoga for mindfulness, or its health benefits, or both. Because yoga focuses on overall health, it complements skincare. It’s part of a holistic approach, including diet and other forms of exercise. Have you ever encountered a yoga instructor who didn’t have great skin, no matter their age?

Get Rid of Toxins

Yoga helps your body eliminate toxins, and that improves your skin. Fast yoga that increases perspiration rids your body of impurities and gives you a healthy glow.

Stress Reduction

Yoga reduces stress, and that translates into fewer lines and wrinkles and obvious signs of aging. Yoga lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. That hormone also causes your skin to become dehydrated and harms collagen, the protein giving skin firmness.

Poses for Skin

Certain poses are especially beneficial for specific skin issues. For women suffering from acne, the breathing exercises known as cooling pranayamas can help restore a glowing complexion. The asanas increasing circulation to the head and face help everyone achieve clean, healthy skin.  As well as mental and physical purging. Always warm up carefully before going into a pose. Recommended poses include:

  • Cobra
  • Plow
  • Fish
  • Child
  • Triangle
  • Shoulder stand

Twenty minutes daily of facial yoga exercises prevent or minimize lines and wrinkles. Another tip: smile as much as possible. A positive attitude affects your overall health and appearance.

Skincare Lines

Some yoga practitioners have developed their ownskincare and hair care lines, all containing natural, organic ingredients. Many of these treatments are yoga-specific, designed to provide benefits during and after a workout. These skincare lines often include makeup, created to accentuate the healthy look acquired from regular yoga workouts

Yogic skincare lines usually contain essential oils, carefully chosen for their rejuvenating, exfoliating cleansing or other properties.

Tips for Practitioners

Never leave the yoga studio without cleansing your face. You’ll have sweat and the toxins it contains just clinging to your skin. A face mister with rosewater works wonders, as do misters containing tea tree oil if your skin tends to oiliness. A facial wipe containing chamomile or other natural substances also does the trick. After cleansing, use a moisturizer containing botanicals to keep your glow without oil. Don’t forget the sunscreen – a zinc oxide-based yogic product provides the necessary protection.

If your studio doesn’t sell such products, they can recommend particular yogic brands or formulations.

If you or someone you know would like more information about skin care, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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