Most people just shower because its a normal part of decent human life. Most people have never been taught how to take a healthy cleansing shower that will not only cleanse your skin but also your internal organs and your mind. A small majority of people actually use the shower in a powerful way and today I will help resolve that issue so you can start harnessing the power of the shower. 


There are 4 ways to harness the power of shower of which I will share 2...the other 2 are VERY POWERFUL and will be shared in my upcoming E-BOOK "Derm AppeTIPS" 


1. Contrast Showers- meaning taking a shower alternating the temperature of the water from HOT to COLD. The hot water dilates your blood vessels and increases circulation while the cold water does the opposite. This creates a pump effect that flushes your body of lactic acid and other toxins which cleanses the internal organs. This type of shower has MAJOR BENEFITS such as Muscle Recovery after exercise, better circulation, better metabolism, anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, anxiety relief and auric cleansing. 


Turn on shower and begin with a warm/hot temperature cleansing for 2 minutes then turn down the temperature of the water to cold for 1/2 minute (the hot:cold ratio time should be 4:1) and keep alternating for 3-5 contrasts. While you are under the running water you may cleanse with your LEMON MINT ZING Body wash during the hot phase and rinse during the cold phase. It will take some getting used to at first but trust me, you will be very happy you did and you will notice the results right away. 


2. Focused Washing- meaning selecting a particular area of your body that may need healing or appreciation. (ESPECIALLY FOR ATHLETES OR WOMEN;during menstruation or pregnancy) and using focus and intention while cleansing this part of your body. This is a VERY POWERFUL shower ritual and way to magnetize the power of skin. 

Turn on the shower, select an area upon which you want to focus and pump some LEMON MINT ZING Body Wash in your hands, close your eyes and for approximately 2-5 minutes express gratitude for this area. Give thanks and speak loving words about this part of your body. If the area needs healing then speak that it is healed and you are grateful,  if the area needs restoration envision the area restored already and express gratitude. If you just want to show love to one particular area...say your breasts or vagina...then do that. There aren't limits or rules except focus, time and gratitude.  Your body responds and listens to your commands and beliefs about it. Your cells are alive and well and you have the right to have a relationship with them. 


There is much more to THE POWER of SHOWER 🛀  like intentional exfoliation and other shower therapies but you all will have to stay tuned for the book. Now go use these tips and tell us how amazing you feel. Go on...see you on the other side of clean. 

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  • This is amazing information. I haven’t completely done this but the small attempt of actually standing under the water for some time and allowing it to flow from head to toe was exuberant. I will DEFINITELY do the 1st one listed first. Thank you for sharing you God gift.

    • Tiffany Boynes
  • You’re just amazing. Love you mama!

    • Royal
  • This was very interesting.m; this article reminds of those days when I took lots of cold showers. I felt a connection to a type of pull of some sort. Anyway, thanks for sending it. Peace.

    • Allen Sharper