Power to the Pumpkin. ✊✊✊

Pumpkin: The Magical Ingredient in Enzyme Peels

Fall is here and if you are anything like me, pumpkin is on your mind! I’m excited to make (and eat) pumpkin desserts, drink pumpkin spice lattes, and really take advantage of all things pumpkin – skincare included!

Along with being delicious to eat, did you know that the pumpkin enzyme is great for your skin? Here’s how the pumpkin enzyme works for your skin:

• Prevents the signs of aging! Pumpkin is rich in Vitamins A and C, which soothe and soften the skin, and also increase the production of collagen!

• Brightening power! Pumpkin increases cell turnover, which makes your skin brighter and smoother!

• Excellent exfoliant! The pumpkin enzyme helps dissolve dead skin cells, making it a natural exfoliant.

• Natural healing agent for acne and breakouts! Pumpkin contains zinc, which will help heal your skin.

Enzyme Peels are very beneficial for your skin. When pumpkin is used topically as a leading ingredient for an enzyme peel, the benefits are magnified. Here’s why:

• Pumpkin can penetrate deeply, which brightens skin, evens skin tone, and aids in fighting the signs of aging.
• Pumpkin helps with breakouts and acne by soothing the skin and reducing inflammation naturally.
• Pumpkin nourishes tired or dry skin, which can result in a healthy glow.


Are you ready to harness the power of pumpkin?? I think so!!!! 

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