Exfoliating is next to Godliness?

We have all heard the saying cleanliness is next to Godliness right? But what exactly does this mean? How does it relate to skincare and how do we go about getting closer to God (source) consciousness? Allow me. 

What does this mean? 

To be clean and closer to God means to be purified and connected to source energy. Many of us are dissatisfied with our reality because we are not clean. We are clogged up and filled with clutter and all sorts of dead and negative things. Everything from our cars and homes to our pores and colons are filled with debris. When you and your environment are physically clean and your mind is mentally clean, you are better able to be connected to source. This is the symbolism behind baptism etc.  Being clean also means to be clear. When your body temple and your environment is free of debris and disorder or chaos or dirt or dead energy or dead skin etc you can SEE, you can feel and absorb deeper and higher. This is why being clean is being in communication with GOD or source energy. 

How does this relate to skincare

Many of us clean up our bodies and never clean them OUT. To clean out means to remove clutter and debris and make space for the new. The skin is constantly experiencing death and rebirth of the cells and many of us don't know how to facilitate the process of getting and staying physically cleaned OUT. Many of our bodies are filthy from years of using products that clog our pores and living in environments that are filled with pollution. 

Dirt and dust particles, smog and other forms of air pollution can clog our pores and leave a film of impurities on the skin. Dirt and dust particles, car smog and other forms of air pollution like dry cleaning degradation can clog our pores and leave a film of impurities on the skin.

Keeping your body temple cleaned out and purified is spiritual. It is an expression to the universe of who and what you are. It is a divine way to stay in alignment with source. You have to be open and clear in order to receive. You have to have space in order to receive and if your body, your pores, your mind and your spirit is congested you are less likely to be in spiritual proximity to source energy. 

How to get clean thru the skin?

Washing your body is a given, but exfoliating is the key to removing debris that has been hardened and lodged in the pores over time due to self neglect. 


Exfoliating is the act of removing layers of dead skin (energy) from the outer most surface of the skin. This is important for many reasons. 

1. Remove dead cells to reveal newer and more viable skin 

2. Soften impacted debris lodged in pores

3.Purification of pores and cleanses skin's surface

4. Removal of stagnant and dead energy in auric field

5. Stimulates cellular rebirth

6. Helps other products work more effectively

7. Healthier and more youthful skin

8. More even skin tone 

9. Collagen production

10. Spiritual cultivation

What you want to do is exfoliate 1-2 times a week 3 times each treatment. You start at your feet and exfoliate up to your neck. Then once a month you pick a time you can set aside at least an hour and you exfoliate 7 times in one treatment from feet to neck. This method of exfoliating is very spiritual. Its a spiritual shower technique that is used to free your body of old dead cells, debris and stagnant energy so that you may be more open and clear in order to receive. 

I use this exfoliant to perform my spiritual exfoliating treatments! I only use about a teaspoon of the scrub per limb and for my abdomen and buttocks as well as my neck and feet. So it lasts for quite some time. It is power packed with essential oils that stimulate the flow of blood and soothe the cells as well as provide antioxidant therapy. So its a win win win. Also when I exfoliate I do some affirmations and I get out the shower feeling so divine and pure. 

Go get clean and show us what Godly looks like! 

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