Cop some copper!!!

Copper cups are not just cups they are VESSELS.
The water stored this way is called "Tamara Jal " meaning that it brings balance to the mind body and spirit.
The electromagnetic energy of the metal (copper) is called PRANA SHAKTI (prana -life force energy; shakti -creative or feminine energy)
Copper is considered an essential mineral for our bodies and
is beneficial also to Melanocytes which are the cells in the skin that manufacture MELANIN.
Copper also changes the frequency of the water to a more negative ionic state which helps maintain the bodies pH balance.


✔Copper is Anti-Microbial -it decontaminates water

✔Copper is a great brain stimulant- the tissue that surrounds the neurons in our brain networks that send and receive messages are regenerated by way of phospholipids produced by coppers minerals 😮😮😮

✔Copper aids in healthy body weight- it helps your body breakdown fat and eliminate it more efficiently as well as fine tuning your digestive system

✔Copper kicks pre-mature aging in the ass- copper is power packed with anti-oxidants and cell building properties that ward off collages damaging free radicals.

✔Copper is Anti-inflammatory-  inflammation is a great danger to you as a is responsible for 100% of all degenerative diseases known to man. Copper water is good for treating inflammation on the skin as well as in the tissues like arthritis and such. 

✔Cancer doesn't like Copper- the strong antioxidants in the copper metal are like body guards for your cells, cancer is a replication of cells at an unnatural and unhealthy rate and the minerals that copper leach into the water help to protect against this degenerative madness. 

✔Copper vessels make you feel like royalty. (That's my opinion) 😘


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