Better sleep, Better skin and 5 Plants

Are you unable to sleep?

Do you know how much sleep heals and rejuvenates your whole body including your skin? 

These five plants would help you get a good nights rest. 

1. Aloe Vera

An indoor plant which is easy to keep alive, aloe vera has shown to emit oxygen during the night which helps relieve insomnia and overall the quality of sleep.

2. Lavender plant

This plant has proven to improve anxiety, heart rate, stress and breathing patterns which all contribute to the quality of resting.  

3. Jasmine

The aroma of jasmine improves levels of anxiety and sleep cycles. 

4. English Ivy Plant

English Ivy grows easily and is the best purifier of air of these 5. This one is very beneficial for those that have asthma and other breathing problems. Studies prove that English Ivy improves the quality of the air by up to 94%. 

5. Snake Plant

This plant is very easy to keep alive and many choose it for indoor decor. This one to improves air quality in the home. 


Sleep is very important for the health of your skin. Enjoy a good nights rest with some of these amazing air enhancing botanicals around and wake up with beautiful and healthier skin...of course you will have used Derm Appetit prior to going to bed😴😴😴...right 👀👀👀 


Good night!!!!! Plant yourself in to some good rest...pun intended. 

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