Are your emotions showing up all over your face?

I believe that many people are emotionally unequipped and imbalanced because of their disrupted endocrine systems which are responsible for hormone functions and toxins in many commercial products applied daily and consistently will bioaccumuluate in the body causing endocrine disruption and imbalances.

Something to consider and share with those of us who are currently carrying babies or have the desire to in the future.
Just because your not pregnant now doesn't mean you can't harm a future fetus by not being conscious of your skincare product ingredients.

Toxic chemicals get absorbed into the blood stream and have a tendency to bioaccumuluate meaning they build up store houses in your body tissues and circulate thru out your blood stream...not only does this damage your organs slowly but they have the power to disrupt your unborn babies development mind body and spirit as well as emotional intelligence.

Hormone have a direct effect on the skin's functions as well as appearance. When too much of one hormone or not enough is produced the problem can manifest as acne, eczema, wrinkles, psoriasis, blackheads etc.

Remember our issues are in our tissues. Start reading labels, empower yourselves and u empower your cells. 

Lori Angel- Celebrity Esthetician 

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