Alicia Keys best kept skincare secret and Derm Appetit

Alicia Keys's recent decision to go makeup-free has inspired quite the debate—the discussions highlighting her choice to do so in defiance of unfair expectations from women in the entertainment industry, as well as the broader issue of normalizing natural beauty for what it truly is (i.e., not "no-makeup makeup"). But no matter where your opinion falls in the spectrum of that conversation, there's at least one aspect that we can probably all agree on: Keys's bare complexion is looking good.


 Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that there's a pro behind the singer's glowing face—though we won't downplay the irony that said expert is actually a makeup artist. Dotti is known in A-list beauty circles as a champion of natural beauty and organic products, and she has worked closely with Keys to establish a very holistic skincare regimen.

"Alicia gets regular facials, does acupuncture and she eats healthy and exercises," Dotti told W. "She knows you have to invest internally for your skin to look great externally. It's also about how you process your energy. She comes from a very strong place and she comes from a very kind place. That in itself is super important. But it's about the choices she's making and the products she's using."

But what are those products and choices? From jade rolling to probiotic masks, keep reading to how exactly Keys keeps her skin looking so gorgeous.


jade rolling, which is essentially a form of facial massage (with a crystal-healing bonus). In order to boost circulation and tackle puffiness even more, she likes to chill the roller first. "I stick a jade roller in ice, so it's basically freezing when I roll it over her skin," she says. "I really, really work into all those areas where I want blood and water and energy brought to the surface. It brings her skin to life."


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