Give toxins the brush!

Want to know one of the easiest – and most invigorating – ways to give toxins the brush-off? Try a lymphatic body brushing detox! All you need is two minutes a day and a body brush, and we’re sure you’ll join us in singing the benefits of dry brushing.


What is a lymphatic body brushing detox?

We know it’s a mouthful! But the practice of detoxing your body through lymphatic body brushing is easier than it sounds. It simply refers to using systematic dry brushing – with a natural bristled brush – to stimulate your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system flows toward the heart, so always brush in that direction.


Use a firm but gentle pressure, and brush each area with at least two strokes once a day. If you like, put one drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand and rub the bristles across it before you begin. Lavender, yarrow or frankincense are all especially good for the skin and add to the benefits of dry brushing. One common-sense caution: Never brush a wounded or burned area. If you have sunburn, wait for it to heal before you resume brushing.

Why does dry brushing matter?

Your lymph system is the largest circulatory system in your body. It’s twice as big as the arterial system that carries blood. In fact, we each have roughly three times as much lymph fluid as we do blood. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and the lymph system hauls away toxins and waste so you can see there would be obvious benefits of dry brushing to get your lymphatic system flourishing.

In order to do its job efficiently, the lymphatic system requires movement. Muscle contraction is what moves the fluid through our bodies. Those with a sedentary lifestyle can experience a 94% decrease in the function of their individual lymph systems. Yikes!! And ewww!! That’s almost a complete system shut-down and means that you’re essentially stewing in toxins. Thankfully, a lymphatic body brushing detox is quite simple.

Reaping the benefits of Dry Brushing!

Want to know about your ROI (that’s finance-speak for Return on Investment!) for those two minutes a day with your inexpensive body brush? In addition to aiding lymphatic drainage, dry brushing benefits include:

– Stimulation of all the organs that detox your body, especially the spleen; (which helps with your skin’s natural moisture)

– Improved digestion;

– A stronger immune system;

– Stimulation of the nervous system;

– Healthier skin;

– Stimulation of hormone-producing glands;

It’s also been suggested that a lymphatic body brushing detox increases mental function. If only Wall Street could deliver these kinds of healthy returns!

Enjoy the benefits and share the message. It is up to us to save ourselves (cells)