Tigers Eye Facial Stone Roller




Each Tigers Eye Crystal Facial Roller is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration.

Indulge your skin in our best selling moisturizers or your own favorite magic oils and relax with the healing power of this gemstone as you melt away your stress and stimulate the refining of your pores.

Crystalizing your skincare routine reduce’s not only skin conditions such as pre-mature aging, dark circles, acne and eczema but also any pain or blocked energy stored in your mind or auric field. Crystals have the ability to raise your level of overall well-being. When used in facials on a vibrational level, they help to bring your body and energy field back into balance to create stability. The face has meridians that correlate with the vital organs as well as the chakras. Stimulating them thru facial care is an ancient art unknown by most.

Tiger’s eye’s primary mystical properties are its abilities to protect, provide mental focus, dispel negativity, and invoke confidence. In ancient mythology, warriors and soldiers wore tiger’s eye to enhance courage and protection from harm in battle.

Tigers Eye Roller Benefits:

*improves skin elasticity

*cellular hydration

*improves cellular waste release

*reduces pore size appearance


*reduces puffiness and wrinkles

*reduces dark circles

Enjoy the healing properties while maintaining radiant skin.